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Introducing UNI

The world's first real time translation technology that converts sign language to grammatically correct spoken language.

Sign To Speech

Communicate with your peers in a whole new way. UNI uses a specalized camera to track both hands and all 10 fingers with incredible speed.

Speech To Text

Making life a little easier with the best voice recognition software out there used by millions to translate speech into text. Watch our video of UNI in action.


UNI's SignBuilder feature lets you record, label, and edit your signs in real time. Check out our in-depth medium article here.


Uni's CrowdSign feature lets you upload, download, share, and manage your signs.

UNI Cloud

MotionSavvy's web based management tool that enables customers to update and manage the vocabulary on there devices


In UNI, you can build your own sign language dictionary with custom signs catered to your preferences.