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MotionSavvy Team

Meet the engineers and individuals behind the UNI product.

Alexandr Opalka : CTO

Deaf since a young age, Alexandr Opalka is the Chief Technology Officer, cofounder, and board member at MotionSavvy, which he launched in 2012 with 3 others. He is responsible for the core technology, architecture, and infrastructure of MotionSavvy. Alex studied computer science at Rochester Insutute of Technology.

Ron Pettengill : CEO

Ron Pettengill is the Chief Executive Officer at MotionSavvy. Ron is an entrprenuer of five startups. Two of which went public (NASDAQ & LSE). He brings a wide spectrum of experience to MotionSavvy. Prior to Joining MotionSavvy, he was the EVP of Oil, Gas & Coal Wastewater Solutions.

Daniel Mooney

Software Engineer

Daniel Mooney is software engineer at MotionSavvy that focuses on the product's infrastructure. Daniel graduated with a BS in Information Technology at Rochester Insutute of Technology specializing in data analytics. Has worked with consulting firms and large financial institutions developing technology solutions.

Wade Kellard

Data Collection

Deaf since birth, Wade Kellard is the data collection manager and cofounder at MotionSavvy where he overviews the data collection process. Previously a researcher for the Center on Access Technology and has a degree in mechancial engineering from Rochester Insutute of Technology.

Danny Cruze

Data Collection

A deaf engineer, Danny helps with the creation of MotionSavvy's dicationary of vocabulary.

Ryan HaitCampbell


Ryan started MotionSavvy as a co-founder. These days Ryan works as a designer.

Ben MillerJacobson

Machine Learning

Ben Miller-Jacobson is the Machine learing team lead at MotionSavvy. He is responsbile for developing and maintaining the machine learning software. Ben earned a computer science degree at Rochester Institute of Technology specializing in pattern recognition and ML on multi-dimensional time series data. He is a member of the Document and Pattern Recognition lab and his master's thesis focused on audio recognition.