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Run a pilot!

Let us know if your business or organization is interested in running a pilot program. Such pilot programs include the UNI software license for the duration of the pilot. Be the first in your industry to have UNI.

UNI for Airports

MotionSavvy is currently in the middle of a pilot at Rochester Airport in upstate New York , USA. Your airport can sign up to be next by getting in touch with us or purchasing UNI's. Traveling can be stressfull for anyone and for sign language users it can be even more difficult.

Medical,Hospitals, & Clinics

MotionSavvy is perfect for your medical center, allowing you to meet ADA requirements ( US ) . Additionally allowing you to save money by offsetting interpretting cost which is required by law.

UNI for Educational Instutions

If your are an educational instutition UNI can be used to provide deaf students the accesibility they need without 24/7 interpretting.

UNI for Banking

Join MotionSavvy investor Wells Fargo in it's belief that banks need to innovate by providing technolgies for deaf cutomers. Managing your personal finances can be difficult enough, but imagine being deaf while trying to communicate complex financial contracts/loan paperwork. UNI takes the stress out of communicating with deaf individuals at banks.

UNI for Retail

MotionSavvy's perfect for retail establishments looking to provide better service to there customers. Many deaf individuals face challenges when doing things that hearing individuals take for granted everyday (like going through a drive through and ordering through the machine).

UNI for Deaf Individuals

MotionSavvy's UNI was originally invented to help the deaf community communicate in every day situations. However, we have since shifted the focus to businesses who can afford the product. You can pre-order but you will not recieve your software license untill the current pilot programs are over so we can fully stress test the product in real world environments.

How does a Pilot Work?

A pilot program is operated as a consultancy contract and billed accordingly.


Use Case Development

We'll work with your organization to figure out how UNI fits in your organization.


Dictionary Customization

We'll provide a basic dictionary, and make any modifications necessary to support the vocabulary your organization needs.



We'll work with your IT department to install UNI in your sites.



We train your employees and test the product providing a report demonstrating the success of the pilot!

MotionSavvy includes the licenses for the UNI's we install during the installation stage as part of the pilot program.

Motionsavvy recommends running UNI from Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with 16GB of RAM, and an i7 processor.

What are the benefits of running a pilot program?

  1. Meet ADA requirements for your business!
  2. Improve your customer service
  3. Improve accessibility for your employees

What is a use case? 

A use case is defined as distinct areas UNI will be used, for example, ticketing counters at airports are different than security check points, each is a separate use case.

Pricing is dependent on the length of the pilot, amount of dictionary customization required, and the number of use cases your business needs to support.

Pilot Spotlight: Rochester Airport

UNI is slated to be tested and installed at the Rochester Airport. Which is home to the largest deaf / hard of hearing population per capita in the United States (US). This will be the first airport in the US that is fully accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing community.